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This is a Fun filled, Romantic number and my top favorite number in Hindi songs Ever!!. The song was haunting me from long time, had first listened to it like more than 15 years back, didn't have a clue what movie it belonged to. I just knew Raveena had starred in it (blur memories) and then luckily somebody was nice to upload it on YouTube, boom! memories refreshed felt nostalgic. The video is pretty cool the train shots in Europe and the chemistry between the lovers is shown so well.

About this song: what I feel is that, the music is little unusual in a good way.. they might have adapted it from a French tune (hope I am not wrong) cause its like a fusion between French and eastern music and I just Love the Beeping sound they used in the song, makes me very happy whenever I listen to it. There are some french lyrics in between which I liked and I learned now how to say "I Love You" in French, they say it something like this
" Je t'aime " it sounds good too. Soo If you feel the same way  like I do about this song... then Enjoy ; )

" Je t'aime " .. my Dear viewers .. " Je t'aime " !! ... : ]

Singers(s): Kavita Krishnamurthy & Abhijeet
Lyrics: Sameer
Music Director: Anand Milind

Lyrics of the song:
je'taime ..I love you...
ho ho.. oh ho..hey hey ahey hey!
shaire mein ho gaya deewana -2
jaane-man mujhe tunay pagal kiya
dard kya meri dhadkon ko diya

dekha tujhe, dekha tujhe jabse dekha tujse
dil ne ka mere dil ne ka, tujh sa na koi yahan
shaire mein ho gaya deewana -2

aankhon se bol gayi, raz-e-wafa khol gayi-2
chhor de sharmana yun na palke juhkha
kyun bhala tadpana meri bahon me aa

jaana tujhe jaana tujhe, jabse jana tujhe
dil ne ka mere dil ne ka, tujh sa na koi yahan
shaire mein ho gaya deewana -2

tanhayi mast samaha, uss pe tera husun jawan-2
kali kali rahen jaise kajal tera,
maqmali haryali jaise aanchal tera

chaha tujhe chaha tujhe jabse chaja tujhe
dil ne ka mere dil ne ka, tujh sa na koi yahan

shaire mein ho gaya deewana!!
huh :) pagali deewana toh mein hoon, tu deewani hai deewanii

shaire mein ho gayi deewani!!
jaaneman mujhe tunay pagal kiya.....

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