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Tribute to Maestro Jagjit Singh, The Ghazal King!

JAGJIT SINGH (8 February 1941 – 10 October 2011) prominent Indian Ghazal singer, composer, music director, activist and entrepreneur. Known as "The Ghazal King", he gained acclaim together with his wife, another renowned Indian Ghazal singer Chitra Singh.

Here's a very beautiful statement about Jagjit Singh's voice:
"The pain and melancholy in his voice gave vent to the feelings of many a lonely heart".
-Times of India, tribute to Jagjit Singh's Post.

We have lost a Precious Soul on October 2011, who might have healed millions and millions of Mind, Soul and heart thru his brilliant music.Winning millions of hearts with his soulful Voice and compositions like "Ye daulat bhi le lo" or "Hoton se chhu lo tum".

When people were so madly diverted to the new techno film music somewhere  in the 70s, Jagjit Singh ji  re-introduced GHAZAL by filling amazing spirits and gave a Beautiful, Modern and Attractive Face to the Film Generation. In this process Jagjit ji unknowingly was establishing and creating a Level of Brilliant Ghazal music for the Film industry as well and in turn also created a Level and marked his name in the non-Film Modern Ghazals, which I personally doubt if anyone could ever reach in this Era.

JAGJIT SINGH the "Man" who Re-created Ghazals and made it so simple to everybody in the world not only to just understand the type of Music Ghazal is but also to Respect and Fall in love with Ghazals. He was Successful, he got his Fans hooked and was so Creative and consistent with his work conjuring Hits like "Meri Zindagi kisi aur ki" and some of my other Favourites like:
  • Tum ko Dekha toh, 
  • Koi Dost ha na Raqeeb hai
  • Jukhi jukhi si Nazar
  • Hazaaron Khwaishen Aisi-Mirza Galib,
  • Tum itana jo muskura rahe ho
  • Mein nashe mein hoon 
  • Ek purana mausam lauta
  • Hosh walon ko khabar kya
  • Patta-boota-boota haal hamaara jaane hai
(Some of them are added in this blog under the Category of Ghazals)
and many more including Albums that were released.
I just remembered another amazing fact about Jagjit ji regarding "the fans" is that HE used to involve his Fans  so peacefully into his simple Music and the effects were really great and powerful. Thru our own experience I feel proud to share this details as we were fortunate to be in a concert. That is where we found this Beautiful piece of Ghazal "Main nashe mein hoon" and we instantly fell in love with the song.

The way Jagjit ji sung it makes all the difference, perception about Life thru his work you can figure out its mind-blowing!! The type of music he delivered was really something great and makes you loose yourself in his Aura. I say this cause in this particular song there is a different kind of music in every para and even when he emphasized on certain words like "BEKHUDI" makes you feel there's some kind of Life coming out of the word and lets you imagine his pain thru the way he sings. This is what I found a rare magic in his Music which came straight from his HEART. Long Live the King!


Thukaraao ab ke pyaar karo
main Nashe mein huun
Thukaraao (2)

Thukaraao ab ke pyaar karo
main Nashe mein huun
Jo chaaho mere yaar karo main nashe mein huun

Thukaraao (2)

Thukaraao ab ke pyaar karo
main Nashe me huun

Ab bhii dilaa raha huun
Ab bhii dilaa raha huun
yakiine-vaffa magar

Ab bhii dilaa raha huun
yakiine-vaffa magar

Ab bhii dilaa raha huun
Ab bhii dilaa raha huun
yakiine-vaffa magar

Meraa Na aitabaar karo
main Nashe mein huun (3)

Girane do (2)
tum mujhe meraa saagar sambhal lo

Itna to mere yaar karo main Nashe mein huun

Mujhako qadam qadam pe bahakane do vaa-izon

Tum apanaa kaarobaar karo main Nashe mein huun

Phir be-khudii mein hadh se guzarane lagaa huun

Itna Na mujhase pyaar karo main Nashe mein huun

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