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FUNKY Music, Romantic Comedy and Funkiest Love song Ever from Bollywood 80s.. Enjoy!!

Singer(s): Kavita Krishnmurthy + Mohd Aziz.
Lyrics: Anand Bakshi
Music Director: Laxmikanth Pyarelal

Lyrics of the Song:
Tera Bimaar Mera Dil Mera Jina Huwa Mushkil
karuun Kya Haay
tera Bimaar Mera Dil....

muhabbat Mein Naam Kar Ja Mera Naam Le Le Ke Mar Ja
yahi Bas Dava Teri
mere Divaane
tera Bimaar Mera Dil....

tu Le Le Jaan Bhi Meri Jo Tere Kaam Aa Jaaye
tu Rakh De Haath Bas Dil Par Mujhe Aaraam Aa Jaaye
main Tujh Se Pyaar Karati Huun Magar Duniya Se Darati Huun
karuun Kya Haay
muhabbat Mein Naam Kar Ja Mera Naam Le Le Ke Mar Ja
yahi Bas Dava Teri, meri Divaani
tera Bimaar Mera Dil..

subah Se Shaam Tak Mera Ye Dil Tera Hi Naam Leta Hai
hai aisi baat Kya Mujh mein, Tu Mujha pe Jaan Deta Hai
tu Kitani Khuubasuurat Hai Mujhe Teri Zaruurat Hai
karuun Kya Haay
muhabbat Mein Naam Kar Ja...

badan tera hai ek Shola, Mujhe Jisane Jala Daala
teri baton deewane mujhe pagal re pagal mujhe bana dala
ise Inakaar Main Samajhuun Ise Iqaraar Main Samajhuun
karuun Kya Haay
muhabbat Mein Naam Kar Ja...


  1. Thanks Sir.. for putting up my request, it was fun to watch, Sir did you get my mp3s for DHKMN "hum toh Mashhoor hue" and "Kaise Mizaz hai". I also sent you the mp3s of Waaris movie "mere pyar ki umar", Sir please make lyric videos of this also.. Thank you ji.

  2. I got the Dil hai ke manta nahin numbers and they're really great would love to add lyrics in the video/clips but i wasn't able to download the WARRIS movie number.. due to some error. Thanks.

  3. I have sent it again. Thanks again!


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